How Enron corruption killed witnesses John Wheeler, Al Chalem, Pierre Gonyou, Cliff Baxter, Ken Lay, and Scott Gallin

Subject: How Enron corruption killed witnesses John Wheeler, Al Chalem, Pierre Gonyou, Cliff Baxter, Ken Lay, and Scott Gallin
From: Someone who knew 4 of them personally...
Date: 3 May 2016

The Most famous of the 6 murders: Jack Wheeler age 66 was found in a landfill but never reported missing. This link gives the details of his disappearance and last days on Earth.

But recent disclosures by a former federal agent whistle blower exiled in China show some links of 6 murder victims to Enron insider trades and Panama bank accounts at Morgan & Morgan.

This will sound bizarre for sure but those willing to read will find a sinister tale here that checks out. All known witnesses involved have been murdered, suicided, exiled, missing, or criminalized and jailed since nobody will believe a convicted felon - even one that passes a polygraph exam.

These two links need to be worked backwards if you want to make the pieces fit. See if YOU can connect the dots. Take note that murder victim Alain Chalem was an FBI informant under 24 hour surveillance when he was executed - shot in the head 5 imes. Scot Gallin was the South Florida "collections" guy and bodyguard for a Sheriff named Nick Navarro who was appointed by George Bush as the head of the South Florida drug task force. Scott introduced the offshore sellers of the unregistered Enron shares, and also,

The perps made over $500,000,000 in illegal profits. One of the conspirators may be a Congressman already in jail. One thing the men all had in common were bank accounts in Panama at Morgan & Morgan (except for Baxter).

Gonyou was the middleman fugitive - needed if anyone got caught. Pierre would naturally be blamed. Nobody got caught so Pierre was injected with enough heroin to kill an elephant. See what his wife Melonie Murray has to say. She was in the Bahamas with Pierre when the deal went down in 1999.

One thing you must accept as fact. Professional hitmen like Colonel James Steele often use potassium chloride or SUX (drugs) to induce an untraceable heart attack as this article explains Ken Lay's death was perfectly timed to prevent his full disclosure about VP Dick Cheney's true involvement - offshore as a buyer of private unregistered shares of Enron. The former wife of Colonel James Steele confirmed that her husband accepted contract hits from the U.S. government on at least a dozen occasions.

So when multi-millionaire corrupt politicians have a risk of being exposed by a handful of witnesses that can place them behind bars, those witnesses begin to disappear - pne way or another. Scot Gallin's private plane had a unexplained crash in the Bahamas. and Baxter supposedly killed himself. Wheeler was just smashed over the head with some heavy item used as a club.

Now YOU connect the dots here and see who stands to lose the most and why was Scooter Libby talking with these people prior to their deaths?