Help Requested From Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin of Canada Re: Solicitor William Gilmour

Subject: Help Requested From Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin of Canada Re: Solicitor William Gilmour
From: An Extortion Victim
Date: 29 Aug 2015
Solicitor William Gilmour = Ineffective Assistance Of Counsel IMHO

Your Honor,

I am a victim of both a fake extradition and a lawyer named William Gilmour of Brampton Ontario, who became a lawyer only after the RCMP asked him to resign or be fired after shooting a young teen in the back. He himself was arrested for child abuse on August 14th, 2001 and for the last 7 years has been extorting my family.

For almost 7 years my wife has been facing terrorism in Canada on a daily basis while trying to raise our 5 year old autistic son. No Muslim extremist is anywhere in sight but her house and car were shot up and nasty death threats were left on the family answering machine. She would not have been subjected to any of this stress if one of two things had occurred;

1) If the lawyer I hired had been truthful with me
2) Had the law society not covered up for one of their most aggressive and greedy members

Over these last seven years my wife and I both received messages from unknown callers who advise to “give up or you will soon be homeless”. My 200 page law society complaint, submitted with a witness list of 19 people was dismissed without explanation and without the invisible investigator contacting me, my wife, nor any of the other 18 witnesses, many of which have given sworn statements that prove beyond a preponderance of evidence that:

A) This lawyer knowingly perjured himself twice
B) Committed the criminal act of extortion
C) Used the courts as a weapon of intimidation
D) Filed false claims with foreign courts
E) Tried to sell confidential court files/statements for $50,000 to third parties
F) Tried to cause a family divorce with lies to access family funds
G) Accepted monies from organized crime figures
H) Solicited money from third parties without his client’s knowledge nor consent
I) Failed to advise client of his own arrest for more than a month
J) Fabricated a legal bill 2 years after he was terminated
K) Threatened to “misplace more of your evidence”.
L) Used his other clients to shield him from criminal prosecution (Peel Police)
M) Burglarized the home of his client in America
N) Attempted to use one client to cheat another out of more than $1 million USD
O) Lied about his past experience and qualifications
P) Repeatedly neglected the best interests of his client in favor of his own
Q) Lied about costs of transcripts and non-existent private investigator.
R) Asked me to help cheat one of his other clients named Vic Richards.
S) Failed to demand a review of the mandatory charging documents
T) Failed to notify the court that witnesses were threatened
U) "Forgot" to call his client and 5 witnesses to testify
V) Failed to arrange a polygraph exam as instructed
W) Failed to correct factual errors in his submissions
X) Coerced client to purchase his personal vehicle
Y) Asked his client to commit a felony so he could earn $25,000
Z) Failed to obtain key video deposition and affidavits of 2 exculpatory witnesses in time for hearing.

I do not make these allegations without substance and as a former federal law enforcement investigator I documented them in this formal complaint that within 5 days of receipt I was called by a law society staffer and asked to withdraw in favor of a “quiet and discreet informal mediation” I could not accept that offer even when I was invited for coffee by a bencher who again asked that the complaint be withdrawn. I had to follow through on the complaint to prove that we were working within the system to obtain administrative relief to retain our rights for filing a legal claim for damages caused by this greedy man.

Although nobody from the Law Society would give me the name and telephone number of the investigator assigned to my case so I could play a veiled threat message left on our family answering machine, I was called after hours by the Director Mr. Heins who “warned” me about “discussing your law society complaint with any third parties, including the police”. He said that if I did so I would forfeit any and all rights to any possible refunds or insurance claims. Gullible me believed him and I avoided going to the police until 2008, and then got a surprise at the police station when a duty sergeant stopped a rookie cop from writing up my extortion complaint telling him “that lawyer represents the department – send that guy to the Law Society”.

When a lawyer thinks and believes that his client will soon be locked away for a few years, they often tend to take advantage of that expected absence because their client will not be around to sue them or pay a visit to the Law Society. When my charges were dismissed, he was probably surprised, but he had already started the fire and for seven years it kept burning. He has put so much stress upon my wife that she even suffered a miscarriage and suffers nightly insomnia.

So as his legal terrorism continues the lawyer involved made a false police report to keep me from coming back to Canada to swear out a criminal complaint against him and be a witness to a variety of crimes he committed before and while we were once good friends. In retrospect he exploited my legal predicament for his own personal gain and now he is doing the very same to my wife. His greed is insatiable and his ethics are absent. This explains how and why he came to be my lawyer, a man who did far more harm than good for my legal cause, and most probably by deliberate design.

If you doubt the veracity of the above please review the sworn investigative report of Private Investigator Ed Reiken and the exhibits of the Law Society complaint and ask yourself, How could the Law Society possibly dismiss a complaint when not even one of the 19 eye/expert witnesses were contacted, much less interviewed by their still unnamed investigator?

My case, like many others I read on the internet challenge the integrity and credibility of Canada's legal system in general and especially highlights the bias of the Law Society. BTW... see

I submit the above as only my own personal observation and plea for intercession. I do not speak for anyone other than myself in accordance with the Charter Rights that have been ignored from the day I was arrested and jailed by Immigration Canada for 10 months in maximum security confinement even after I was issued a voluntary departure order, and had no criminal charges filed against me. If you review my case E-19-00 you will find no shortage of abuses and a new standard of ineffective assistance of counsel to replace Strickland V. Washington.

Respectfully submitted,

Bruce A. Gorcyca
Exiled in China Against My Will
Military Veteran, Former Federal Agent & Whistle Blower
8 year resident of Mississauga, Ontario