Hazanavicius Michel's Open Letter After Paris Attacks

Subject: Hazanavicius Michel's Open Letter After Paris Attacks
From: Hazanavicius Michel
Date: 20 Nov 2015

Daechois, daechoises

So that's it, it's official, you are at war against us. What is frustrating, it is that you have no uniform or distinguishing sign, we don't know/recognize you, and we did so anyone against that fight.
Frustration which I hope will not lead to the designation of false culprits.

Yet even if each death is without doubt for you a victory, I need you to know that you are not ready to win. In truth it is even impossible.

Because whatever you do, you'll never change.

Here, in France, we what we like, it's life. And all the pleasures that go with it. For us, between born and die as late as possible, the idea is mainly of kiss, laugh, eat, play, kiss, drink, read, to take a nap, kiss, talk, eat, argue, paint, kiss, go for a walk, Gardening, read, kiss, offer, arguing, sleep, watch movies, scratching the nuts, péter to make laugh buddies, but especially kiss, and possibly get a happy little jerk. It is the country of pleasure, more than of morality. Here one day, there may be a place Monica Lewinsky, and it will make us laugh. Nobody has considered, here.

Then in the screws, it is true that we in France, we're doing some things with which you have of evil. We like to lick the gender of the women. Not all, surely, but many of us. And the buttocks and the butt, too. Here too, not all, but good. And women like giving blow jobs. We call it the pipes. It is very pleasant. Of course there too, all the girls don't like it, and we can't force anyone, but it is done. Regularly. And with a lot of fun. And then there's boys who like that, too. Is giving blow jobs or lick or is sinking into them. And the girls like that. In fact, here, what we like, it's do what we want. We're trying to not interfere with the other, it's the principle, but we don't like too that one tells us too strong what we must do or what we should not do. It's called freedom. Mark this word, because deep down, that's what you don't like in our house. This is neither the French nor the cartoonists, or Jews, or the customers of coffee or lovers of rock or football, it's freedom.

The second thing is that, by killing like that, to the blind man, with a goal only accountant, you take the risk of killing of French more and more representative of France. Has the limit by not killing that Jews, or that designers, the non-Jews who do not know draw could always find you an apology or feel foreign to this war, but here it's going to be increasingly hard. Because in reaching a representative sample of France, you're gonna touch that we really are. And who are we, really? Well, it is precisely what is beautiful here, it is that we are full of stuff. Of course there are a few French French French. But there are French, Italian, French, Spanish, French, Arabic, French Polish, French, Chinese, French Rwandans, French Senegalese, of the French Algerian, Berbers, Ukrainians, georgians, Americans, Belgian, Portuguese, Tunisian, Moroccans, chechens, côte d ' Ivoire, Mali, Syrian, French Catholic, of French Jews, French Muslims, French Taoists, French Buddhists, of the French Atheists, French agnostic, French Anticléricaux, of the French left-Wing, French Right, the French of the centre, the French, Argentinian, French of extreme left, of the extreme right, there's even without doubt of French Jihadists and even french future terrorists that you could kill. There are some French Rich, the poor, the French French nice, French big dicks, French in love, French selfish, French misanthropic. The list could be extended almost to infinity, with all the combinations, and all the sub groups possibes. There's even the French Non-French, because France is so beautiful, there's always and constantly a part of our population that is the tourists. Not counting the illegal immigrants, who are maybe not officially French, but still they live there, so you can kill them like everyone else.

It it's called equality. In the face of death, you can always target what you want, you'll get us all. And we'll understand, we, what you're up against. Our values. Simple. Those who make that life here is like what it is. Imperfect, of course, with his batch of injustices that is true, but these are the values that are that we are living, installing as worthy as possible. This country in which our fathers, and the fathers of our fathers and their fathers before them have chosen to live, and for which many of them have fought.
And What's gonna happen, at one time or another, it is that we will be together, thanks to you. We will understand that these values are in danger. And we're gonna love them and make them live even stronger. Together. It it's called the brotherhood.

That's why you can't win. You're gonna do the dead, yes. But in the eyes of the story, you'll be that the symptoms of a despicable sick ideology.

Of course we won't win either. People are going to die, for nothing. Others will decide to rely on of the pen, of Assad or Putin to get rid of you, and we can be doubly lose.
But you won't win.

And those who remain will continue to kiss, to drink, dinner together, to remember those who will be dead, and kiss.