F-boys and players

Subject: F-boys and players
From: A former romantic
Date: 1 Apr 2022

Dear F-boys or players
Whatever you want to be called nowadays. Something tells me this letter won’t be read because it’s not filled with the necessary information that you require. No immature comments or jokes on the female body system. Which FYI is more complex than what you think. If your brains weren’t pea-sized and you didn’t think with another part all the time you would understand that when a girl says she isn’t interested. She’s not interested in you. Like actually. Not even a little bit.
Black is a cool color. I agree it can look good on some of you. Wearing the color doesn’t make you one but when you use it as part of your image. Then yes it does. Learn to pull up your pants. I don’t know if you don’t have enough money to buy a belt but there is such a thing as pants fitting. Three things I hope you understand by the end of this letter

1)If I don’t like you then I don’t like you. Doesn’t mean I am playing hard to get.
2)The whole smirk biting lip thing is old. Like my grandma rolling around in her grave old.
3)I don’t need to hear all about your sex lives. Thank you next.

I’ve said my piece and hope that you take at least a sliver of what I said to your head. Yes, the one with your brain in it. If not…well have fun being single.
From, A former romantic