Do We Need Religion?

Subject: Do We Need Religion?
From: Martin Fazon
Date: 25 Jul 2015

Should there be religion? If you are a good person, does nothing wrong to your brothers and sisters, loving, respects your elders, smart to do the right thing, generous to feed hungry, loves your parents, and above all praises God's gifts/blessings to mankind.

Wouldn't it be enough to have this ideal? If he/she feeds the poor, forgives enemies, teaches God's word, would you not admire that person? Would you still believe that he/she doesn't deserve to enter the gates of Heaven?

I always pray to God, I love my wife and our son, I do not make enemies, I'm a Catholic but do not believe in the rosary. Did I hurt anyone? I love all God's creation.

Religion should not dictate who enters the Kingdom of God.

Martin Fazon

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