Do not be fooled.

Subject: Do not be fooled.
From: SS
Date: 15 Jul 2016

“Those who kill their own children and discriminate daily against them because of the colour of their skin; those who let the murderers of blacks remain free, protecting them, and furthermore punishing the black population because they demand their legitimate rights as free men — how can those who do this consider themselves guardians of freedom?”
Ernesto “Che” Guevara, 1964
Why is this still true today?
More than 50 years ago, this speech was made, and yet still, the same problem remains.
Don’t let the media fool you. Don’t let the police fool you.
I have heard many a statement which proposes “firm action soon”, and that this “problem cannot remain”.
Nobody is doing anything about this. How many more black people are going to die before someone in power changes the law, or brings a new one into effect?
But, what you haven’t realised is, we have the power. Protests, events, speeches: they are all an indication of our power, so use them!
People, don’t fool yourselves. Don’t ever believe any racial stereotype about any race.
Don’t believe that all Mexicans do is run drug cartels.
Don’t believe that all black people are thugs.
Don’t believe that every Muslim is a terrorist.
People don’t want to accept that the actions of a few do NOT determine the actions of everyone else.
But, do believe that YOU have the power to do something that changes people for the better.
“Guardians of freedom”, it’s not the police or the government that are our guardians of freedom, it’s us. But these attacks on black people are undermining that.