Demetria Obilor

Subject: Demetria Obilor
From: Eldorado Walters
Date: 31 Jan 2019

To Demetria Obilor

I want to for your for your measurements you look good whether it's a size 6 or 10 it doesn't matter you look fabulous you shouldn't worry what others say about you maybe they're jealous on how you look in your clothing . Ms. Obilor I don't watch you on the news but, I seen your videos & let me just say your're one fine looking traffic woman . I just love your wardrobes your custom designer has good taste for you to wear when you're on air it's sweet. I have to say you like teasing your viewers as well your you-tube viewers a lot showing off your curves so jealous of your boyfriend to have something like you to come home too. I wouldn't be surprise if you have a million of followers on your social media accounts particular of men some woman perhaps. You just keep doing what you're doing reporting the traffic & looking good on television in your size six dresses or whatever sizes you wear you keep rocking it all day long. Your videos on you-tube is so fabulous getting a view up close of your figure with the high heels shoes red & black you look tremendous in those colors thank you Ms. Obilor

Eldorado Walters