Dear God - A prayer in Public

Subject: Dear God - A prayer in Public
From: Charlie Todah
Date: 21 Dec 2020

Hi God, its me :)

Im not used to doing this on a computer, or even writing it down on paper anymore since I've been vocalizing my prayers, but today I want to do something different. Ever since I was in fourth grade I knew that I was a writer. I never really knew why because theres only so much that argumentative essays can do, but I knew someday I'd be writing. Somehow, somewhere.

When it was my sophmore year, Ms. Rood (pronounced "Rude") always made us free write. We were supposed to write anything and EVERYTHING that came to our minds, and as I grew older I realized that thats EXACTLY how our prayers should be like. Yes of course, were supposed thank you for all of your goodness, forgive people that have pissed us off (and trust me there are many) and glorify your name. But after doing that, a prayer is a conversation, a moment of intimacy, a time when I get to tell you anything and EVERYTHING that is going on.

Ever since Ms. Rood told me about these websites that I could go and write in and be anonymous, and read other peoples open letters I have been DYINGG to do this but never really had the balls. But today, the urge to write and express myself just could not take it any longer. I know that there is a lot of people on this site that are hurt. And many of them dont exactly believe in you anymore or your goodness. This world has been super cruel and horrible, and it if upsets us, I can only imagine how you feel being able to see and feel everything that goes on in this earth.

To be honest, I'm still not sure what I am doing here, or why I'm writing, or if anyone is even going to read this. But I know that if this feeling exists in my heart, than it is for the Glory of Your good.

I know for a fact you're taking care of the people who will read this because you've taken care of me. You took care of me and my mom when we were being evicted. You took care of us when we slept in the car for a week in the not so safe areas of town, and you've continued taking care of us in to this very moment.

I just pray and ask that Your will be done, regardless of how that is. All of this seems silly to me right now. I just pray that through my life, others learn how GREAT and LOVING you are and become saved.