Dear Girls...nay Women even.

Subject: Dear Girls...nay Women even.
From: Asian Men.
Date: 1 Feb 2015

Dear Girls ... nay Women even,

I'm not one to sugar-coat things so I'll come right out and say it – I'm an Asian man. Not an entirely Asian man mind you but a full fledged Asian-American ... born in these United States we call America.

In fact, I'm as whitebread American as they come ... growing up with Saved by the Bell, Power Rangers, Skateboards, Pogs, and Destiny's Child (yes, I'm a 90s kid obviously.)

As a result of where I've grown up and how I've been raised I can't help but relate to your run of the mill German-American, Irish-American, British-American, Italian-American, Arab-American, Latin-American, African-American, or basically any kind of American ... my point being, I can't identify with any other group but the Starbucks-wielding, football loving, chicken McNugget-devouring red, white, and blue, that unites as all. I am an American, through and through.

Why am I bringing this up?

I'll start by saying I have a lot of female friends ... and yes they actually are FRIENDS.

I am not sure exactly why, but I have become extremely close with all of them because supposedly I am a good listener. I strongly disagree with that. In fact, I think I am a terrible listener but to each their own I suppose. As a disclaimer at this point the last thing I would want is any kind of intimate relationship with any of them. With that said, what they have to tell me and the observations I've made of modern society in general infuriate me to no end.

As aforementioned, I'm blunt and I don't beat around the bush. These girls, these women come to me with "boy problems". That's all fine and dandy at first glance but as much as they want to paint it as "boy problems" what it really is ... is "tall, white/black male problems". Don't even think about it. I'm not being racist at all. I am offering that perhaps modern perceptions are skewed along racial lines. Of course I'm biased – I won't even deny that. In fact, I embrace and advertise it, but at least travel with me down this road a little bit, if you want.I don't really care to tell you the truth.

All of my friends that are female want a "loving relationship" that is "secure" where the man is "romantic" and "helps around the house" and will be a "good father" to her children. Again, I am blunt, and I know all you women want is a tall, white/black male.

How about you just say it? Stop playing games.

I am not saying Asian men are perfect. In fact, they are probably far from it. But, I definitely know there are Asian men out there who will fulfill every need and want you could ever fathom. There are Asian men who will worship you and take care of every household chore and will ask for nothing in return but your love and your existence.

Let's face it. Asian men are the least desirable men. Ever. For whatever reason, I don't really mind saying it. Supposedly they're passive. Supposedly they're not romantic. Supposedly they're not as masculine. Supposedly they have smaller penises. How about we just come right out with it?

I don't care if you believe me or not. All of the above is false.

All you women. Asian men realize that we are not as wanted as whites/blacks. As a result we have stepped up our game. We are empathetic, romantic, sacrificial, noble, masculine, heroic, intelligent, and kind. We don't have the height (sometimes) or the skin color but we have everything you desire below the surface because we know that's the only game we got ... and we're pretty damn good at offering what you really need.

So when you are explaining what you want in a man how about you stop bullshitting?

If you really want a loving, caring, intelligent, considerate husband then the field should be wide open ... no one could blame you for anything. white, black, Asian ... we're all good.

But if you're like most of modern society how about you stop with the facade and say you want a white man or a black man. Stop lying to yourself and the rest of the world.

You put up with assholes, criminals, addicts, and all sorts of incompetent individuals solely because of their stature and/or skin color. To be fair, there are Asians that are extremely stupid and a disgrace to society, but if you're not gonna give us a chance than don't claim to want those qualities you so often publicly crave for. Because that's not what you really want. What you really want is the image and all the superficial things that come with Prince Charming ... whether he's really charming or not.

Repeat after me: I don't want an awesome loving husband per say: I want a tall white/black man who thinks I'm attractive and hopefully he is awesome and loving in some ways. Asians need not apply – no matter how amazing you are.

Can you at least be real about it?