Dan and Brock Turner, The Truth

Subject: Dan and Brock Turner, The Truth
From: Kathryn
Date: 10 Jun 2016

My Message to Dan Turner:
Dear Mr. Turner,
My name is Kathryn, I am a 34 year old Mother, Wife and a fellow Rape Victim. I was Raped on 10/21/2015, by a man I had never met, on the Gila River Reservation in Maricopa County Arizona.
I was NOT drinking, or under the influence of any drugs, legal or illegal.
I was simply at the wrong place, wrong time. I was violently Raped, I was held down, choked, hit, and threatened. If I moved or screamed, or fought, or spoke I was told I would be killed. I had a penis shoved in my mouth, and was choked with it, as he jammed it down my throat, all the way past my uvula. When that satisfied him, I laid there crying, WISHING I WAS DEAD, but confident it was over. But it wasn't, he ripped my pants off, placed a condom on himself, and he violently shoved his penis into my vagina, where he proceeded to choke me on and off, he would choke me until I almost lost consciousness, but then let me breathe. He did this over and over again, he continued to ram himself inside me until I bled from my vagina. If, I hadn't bled, he may have kept going, but my blood grossed him out, and he didn't want blood on him, he called me disgusting names and made me clean up my blood, and BURN what I bled on. When that was over, he finally quit. I wished in that moment, that the weapon he used to subdue me with, would be used to kill me. I prayed to God, that this disgusting man would kill me right then. I wanted to die, I wanted to be shot in the head and die right there. I wanted to die, because in his 20 MINUTES OF ACTION HE KILLED MY SPIRIT, MY SOUL, MY HEART, MY JOY, MY FEELINGS OF SAFETY, MY PRIVACY, MY INDEPENDENCE, MY PRIDE, MY WORTH, HE KILLED SO MUCH OF ME IN HIS 20 MINUTES OF ACTION, THAT I WANTED TO DIE, BECAUSE I FELT WORTHLESS, AND UNLOVABLE.
He made comments, that when my husband says, I took/take as compliments. When he said them, he said them in the most obscene way humanly imaginable, so my husband can not say those things to me anymore. Even though my husband said them sweetly, and not in an obscene way, he ruined the sweet things. When I reported it, he was promptly arrested, I was taken to a facility, and like your son's victim I signed papers that said "Rape Victim" "Permission for Rape Examination" "Permission for Photographs during Rape Examination" I was placed in an exam room, and my clothes were taken, my bra, my panties, my pants, my shirt, my hair tie, and I signed them away to a Detective. I was laid on a bed, completely naked, and had rulers pulled out to measure my bruises, they took picture after picture, after picture. The used a speculum, and opened my beaten, worn, and sore vagina, they took pictures of the inside of me. THE INSIDE OF MY VAGINA, FOR PICTURE EVIDENCE TO BE SHOWN IN A COURT OF LAW, TO A COURTROOM WITH 12 OF MY PEERS, LAWYERS, DA, PROSECUTORS, AND WORST OF ALL MY ATTACKER, who's name I didn't even know. Do you have any idea how much medication a rape victim has to take, to treat possible infections? 12 pills, and 4 shots. 12 PILLS and the morning after pill. Do you know how physically sick that makes you feel? You already feel sick, and the medications? Well, they shred up your insides for days. Did I mention, that he RIPPED my vaginal opening, and it required stitches? Did I mention, that my cervix was not only bruised, and damaged, it ALSO had rips and tears? Did I mention that the force by which he humped my body was so violent, it felt like my uterus was broken? Did I mention that my husband had to sit there, and listen in graphic detail, how some random stranger, entered the body, and vagina of his wife? Did I tell you the disgust my husband had on his face? Did I tell you that to this day, I wonder was that disgusted look he displayed makes me wonder, was it disgust at this MONSTERS ACTIONS, OR IS HE DISGUSTED WITH ME? Did I mention that when I told my mother, the shock was so great she had to hang up? Did I mention, that I'm not sure if I am strong enough to see this to trial, because I will be Raped all over again?

Why, Dan Turner, am I telling you this? I'm telling you this, because NOW YOU HAVE HEARD 2 DIFFERENT ACCOUNTS OF RAPE.

Here lays my question:

I noticed that you have a daughter, a beautiful daughter and wife. I wish them NO HARM.

Ask yourself Dan Turner, if your WIFE was attacked the way Brock attacked his victim,

Ask yourself if your DAUGHTER was attacked the way I was,


Would what you wrote, and what your son wrote, never admitting guilt for anything, BUT DRINKING TOO MUCH,

Would that be enough?

Your daughter, and wife, like your son are privileged, how would you expect the court to HANDLE THOSE CASES?

Would 20 minutes of action, described above was done to your daughter, and your wife, would what YOU ASKED FOR BE ENOUGH?

I do not think it would be, would it? Admit it, be different than your son, admit that if it was YOUR DAUGHTER, AND YOUR WIFE, no sentence would be long enough. The only reason why, it is to much for your son, is because neither you, NOR HE, see anything wrong with your actions. If it was your daughter, who slept with night lights, or didn't sleep until the sun rose, because they were to afraid, you wouldn't quit until the attacker was punished. If it was your daughter, or your wife, would you care that the attacker "only eats to survive" and you no longer had to hide your chips/pretzels.

While I realize you will never be strong enough to admit it, if the victim was YOUR DAUGHTER OR YOUR WIFE, you would be appalled by the behavior of the attacker. Prove me wrong!!! Tell your son, to do the RIGHT THING. He needs 6 plus years behind bars. You would want 14 plus IF IT WAS YOUR DAUGHTER, and you would probably get just that. Why is Brocks victim less worthy of seeing her attacker, YOUR SON, serve the appropriate amount of jail time?

It's a double standard. Do you see that Dan Turner?

To the Victim, to all victims, as Brock Turners victim stated, I am too, a Light House. I am with you.

But, not with the Turners or Judge Persky. You all should be ashamed of yourselfs!