To the artists who play make-belief, a mere request

Subject: To the artists who play make-belief, a mere request
From: Rajot
Date: 7 May 2016

Dear Kangana and Hrithik,

As a fan…. I am going to stop here and put this word “fan” used too loosely too often in perspective. A fan, who spends their middle class income on entertainment made by you and your talented teams. A fan, who invests their time (closely 3 hours) in entertainment made by you and your talented teams. A fan, who parts ways with her pragmatism and rationale when watches with wonder, entertainment made by you and your talented teams. A fan, who has to shift and reschedule her busy middle class work, home, and children to watch entertainment made by you and your talented teams. A, fan for whom the heroes are not just actors but the technicians, writers, unit directors and the little man holding the light.
So going back to where we started, as a fan, I humbly request, with hands bowed in gratitude and for you’re the sake of your film entertainment, as fictitious as they are, please stop. Please let reason prevail and realize that the courts will find you legal solutions but never find you any peace of mind, closure, or spiritual self-growth.
There is no bliss in publically let this happen, you are in control, and you are letting it continue. Human has many emotions but wisdom lies in the one who elevates the appropriate emotion according to a situation. Should you ALLOW Ego to be in the driver’s seat or rationale? Your truth is only between you two and closure will only happen with communication.
I wonder how we are suppose to believe that a woman can be so volatile and still be undetected from doctors or co-workers, who interact with her? Her alleged “psychopath stalker” syndrome is not detected or reported to authorities for a decade is beyond my logic? How is it possible that we are suppose to believe that, she is such a vicious and calculating human being, that she can just fool everyone? How is it possible that not even one single well-wisher went up to her and said “bruh! lets book you an appointment with someone you can speak with about this…”? Not one single person? How is it possible, that not one human being who suggests to her that she needs help for her alleged "inflammatory" nature? Is that what we as fans are suppose to believe? There is NO SHAME in mental illness. No shame. Then why would a family member not take her to the doctor?
Now as alleged, Kangana Ranaut, has created a whole relationship out of thin air? Or was it one these scenarios, founding on the stories flooding our screens daily, was it that (scenario a) You did hook up. You hooked up wanting to drown your loneliness or to experience your newfound single self. She hooked up thinking, finally a good guy is interested in me, this can go somewhere. Now not knowing that this woman might want more commitment from you, you go about and have, for whatever time period, a romance filled rendezvous with her. You then later go on about your business, ignore the momentary made promises, and prance forward in life. But the woman continues to grow close and tries to connect thinking about the promises, running conversations of that romance rendezvous over and over again in her head. She lets the vicious cycle consume her and connect, connect, click, click, she goes away trying to communicate. She tells herself, no this is real because he promised, he said once the divorce goes through we will be she continues to grow love in her heart. Now because she is also by nature a very volatile and intense person, she tends to let her emotions get the best of her. So she bears her soul out to you. But you had no plans to get together because your life situation is complicated, you have children to think about and you do not want to deal with an intense woman. An intense woman would consume you because she requires care and attention. No shame. An intense woman is not for every man. An intense woman is not someone who can be tamed. An intense woman can demand patience. Anyhow, so to continue…you view her behavior as stalking. So you stay quiet because you can’t afford to tell anyone about having a relationship. Your uber high society friends will say, her! That girl! not even a star kid, no privileged pedigree. You remain quiet and wonder how this will end? (scenario b) You claim you knew her as a co-worker and once a project was finished, you parted ways. Kananga then, obsessed by just somehow being with you, somehow just happened to stumbles upon a random email address and frantically started emailing you, but wait...that is not you that is the alleged imposter....but she thinks its you?! Whereas, since you didn’t even know about his imposter or person, you continue to live you life. At randomly at "yet-another" party, as you claim, you meet her, who is just, your once-upon-a-time-co-worker, and learn about the imposter situation. Being a good citizen, you decide to go to the cops about identity theft. You register a complaint, against your identity, which mind you is on the verge of being stolen, after WAITING for a few months?! I suspect that the waiting period was due to a good reason?!? But this alleged "crazy woman" who will "not hear to your reason" or rationale continues to harass you by emailing you?! Doesn’t she get the hint you’re not interested? OR (scenario c) you actually did have a relationship. She turned out to be an intense, you both broke up on bad terms. And now you want to embarrass her.
Any of these scenarios seem relatable to me as regular person, a fan.
As a fan, and person with many odd life experiences under the belt, I can relate to all scenarios. There is no shame in any life experience. You associate the shame yourself to a situation if you continue to view it in that light. As a fan I can understand all that you both throw at us, BUT let it be only the truth. We will forgive and we will forget. I don’t even want the truth honestly. I don’t even want to know anymore. Just an end. A happy one like in the movies. The business you all are in which makes us believe that in the end there can a happy ending. That people can rise above their short comings or egos in real life as well. Please give us that which you make us believe in the business you are in.
But your real life story being fed to us, which is not what we want to know. We as fans really don't want to know everything about it, especially because we see you on the big screens. So we desperately want to hold on just to the fantasy.
But things get so convoluted when you want us to believe something that seems very unkind. From the outside it seems a harsh way to handle a hard situation. How do I believe as a fan of hers that my favourite actor is alleged to be "delusional" human being. However, I do believe judging others without knowing the context, is not productive. How do I believe she continues to live in denial and still holds on to a delusional relationship? Is this woman so arrogant that she won’t see her actions as "volatile and aggressive"? Now the claim is alleged to be she is 1. Crazy, 2. Psycho stalker, and 3. Delusional. These words have no meaning until you give them meaning. A woman will wear them like jewelry at the cost of her liberation and worth. Shaming her is outdated. So get to the truth.
But if this is the truth then she should be given help. I don’t see either as a problem.
And also, pointing out, keeping in mind that no one she has ever come across has, tried to help her mental illness. If she is truly mentally ill, can I ask her friends why they haven’t tried to help her? There are millions of people dealing with mental illness, so it is not shameful or embarrassing to help your friend. As a co-worker and as a person if I am kind and gentle, won’t I ask Human Resources, my manager, or my co-workers family to help out if my co-worker is sick.
Now on the other hand, Kangana Ranaut has been infamous for being an "angry, volatile, and difficult to get a along with" on professional projects. While working, everyone involved has different perspectives and approach therefore it is possible that attitudes fly high. Is she being misunderstood? Everyone tries to put their point across on the project. Is that misunderstood? But her attitude and personality, which is usually described as, inflammatory, volatile, way-too-intense, and many more adjectives, it is hard to ignore. But men have been infamous for the same behavior and have been excused for it. Why does a woman need to apologize? We all want to avoid the man VS woman debate, but sadly it ends up there because all that she is being ACCUSED of, MEN have been EXCUSED for. It turns into man VS woman debate because in the past when a male actor has insinuated an alleged relationships in the media, they were not slapped with lawsuits?! If honestly, your only intention was to get rid of a stalker and avoid her, why would you then go out there and give more fire to something that was a mere rumor? How do I buy that? What burning desire can a human have, who also claims to be victim of cyberstalking, then go out there and tweet about it? Why in the name of god, would they tweet and bring more attention to it?
While I request her to take responsibility of her own actions, I urge you also do the same. Mental Illness is not a joke. It is hard to cope with life as it is an obstacle in being happy and living a pleasant existence. The whole “she is a lunatic” seems like the story of DAMINI (1993).
Where an underdog is rooted for to achieve more success, also, humility, appreciating other co-workers, kindness, and being grateful is held in HIGH REGARD. Humility and helping others is a beautiful attribute humans can have. There should be no shame in owning your achievement and talking about it but arrogance about your achievement is not growth. No one should deny themselves of their own worth. So good actions and spread the love by acknowledging others achievements also. Let them know, that you see them, you witness their work and you applaud them to continue to do good work. Be your own truth, even if it means to be odd, “way-too-intense” or awkward. Giving the other human being the space to be their quirky self.
As a fan I urge you both to stop. Pick up the phone, text each other, call each other, and like adults get closure.
As a fan, a mere middle class mortal, I will rather take a Pinkvilla break to read how in love you both are than read about ugly private tussle.

Love, light, and peace
A mere mortal fan