To Angie Harmon and her fans

Subject: To Angie Harmon and her fans
From: Mattie419
Date: 8 Feb 2015

Dear lovely people,
There are a few things I want to say and its hard to do in 140 characters. We all love Angie what she does, the kind-hearted person she is just about everything you can think of. But working around a lot of celebs and having a friend who is one there is something I want to say something a lot of people don't think of.

First off there are TWO Angie Harmons. Why, you say, and how can that be? Well let me explain, there is the actress, the humanitarian, the one who gives to her fans with her whole heart. The one we see in public.

BUT a lot of people don't understand or realize there is another Angie Harmon. The mother who fiercely protects her kids, who gets her heart hurt and cant share that side of her, the daughter, the private person she cooks cleans shops takes care of the bills and all the NORMAL things we all do.

Have you ever stopped and realized that? I think we should all take a minute and remember that she is really now different then a lot of us, just FAMOUS ... but still us!

So, the next time you tweet her or see her, take the time to show her: "HEY, WE UNDERSTAND!"

You have a lot of things going on in your life! And us the fans love you admire you respect you and appreciate the time you take to make so many folks feel good.

Thank you Angie, and may Gpd always look over you and your family, keep you in His good graces, and protect your heart when He can.

WIth all the love and respect I have for you