Amnesia Via The New Jim Crowed, Example (DeBlasio/ PSA)

Subject: Amnesia Via The New Jim Crowed, Example (DeBlasio/ PSA)
From: James Crowder
Date: 12 Sep 2015

I am writing this letter to Mayor DeBlasio, Governor Cuomo, Justice Lynch, Today the Discrimination level is well over the top, and beyond the limits anyone should have to endure. Furthermore, It is to the point now where it has become Break in enter of my dads home, my girl friend home, I had a vehicle stolen, adult abuse, Civil fraud, consumer fraud, hate crime, housing discrimination, Malicious; Intent, harm & Prosecution Under the Color of the Law. My friends, associates and family was even attacked.

8 years ago, on a nice sunny day, after a trip to the county clerks office, I was assaulted by a police officer- It was not a Stop Question & Frisk. I saved someone from getting hit by a vehicle, and was assaulted by an occupant of the vehicle. I was asked a few questions, the first being was I ever in the psychiatric unit. I replied no, and asked why would you ask someone that. I was then asked my name and for my ID (which was old, because my current ID for that time was stolen on this very same Block, where this incident occurred) Before I knew what was happening
I was in handcuffs and being body slammed to the car, then the ground. I convulsed and began to lose consciousness.
One of the last things I can recall is hearing laughter, and a voice saying, you'll saw him try to jump over the car right. And now I remember waking up in the precinct being held by two men putting my fingers on a machine, then I was interrogated (on whether I want to go to jail when for medical attention, but offered home if I admit to what he was saying) by the initial officer who assaulted me, who afterwards kindly pointed me in a direction, and said "you live that way".

I was sent out of the precinct with no medical attention, 3 gashes (contusions) to my posterior fontanelle, destroyed rotor cuff, spine damage, a concussion, other injuries,TBI, short term, and long term memory loss, no recollection/defective memory of where I lived, where I was or who I was, my family, girlfriend, even friends were loss. I immediately when to the hospital, upon informing them that the injuries were police inflicted, I was no longer given any medical attention, and all attentive care was halted. At this point I was given some vaseline by the attending physician, no stitches, although the contusions were open wounds.
I went back to the friend house, where I was to be house sitting, which was also broken the place into 378 days after the incident.