To All PhD Philosophers: The Nature Of Truth

Subject: To All PhD Philosophers: The Nature Of Truth
From: A student
Date: 10 Aug 2015

What is truth? This is truth; which begins again.

What is truth? Who can know?
Does simply saying, make it so?
This statement is false. Who can tell?
Is it really that simple to unring a bell?
I'm a doctor, but k(no)w I'm not?
Do I really have to get schooled in thought?
Can I earn a doctorate by simply thinking?
Am I wasting time by penning and inking?
Does the answer to the former lie in the latter?
If it is so, then why does it matter?
Have I arrived at the truth? Is the inquiry over?
Is a PhD no more than a three leaf clover?
If I ask another question then what does that mean?
Am I wrong? Am I right? Is there something unseen?
Shall I copy this infinitely and send you each one?
Would you make me a Doctor just for fun?
It won't break the tempo if you tell no one.
Or would you be pompous, or angry, or square?
Would you consider the following and be quite fair?

What if truth bearers are questions like these?
What if truth makers are statements like trees?
What if there's more and there's three sides to truth?
What if it's questions, answers and sleuth?
What if the subject is, and isn't matter?
What if there's no difference in the former and latter?
Is it easy to tell which one is which?
Did Newton's apple fall? Or was it bait and switch?
Am I a doctor? Who can know?
I think I am, but what makes it so?
Is it space? Is it time? Is it simply this rhyme?
Perhaps it's all three, and bigger than me