From: Dr. Bharathraj Iyengar
Date: 15 Apr 2020

Jai Shri Krishna! Jai Shri Ramachandra! Jai ShriLakshmi Narasimha!

Dr. Bharathraj Iyengar with you.

I had read scriptural texts that spoke of new times to come, times that would usher the children of the sky, times that would bring in ‘Light Souls’who would endeavor to aid the lost denizens of the planet to evolve collectively, if only to spare the latter from the repeated & ugly boomerangs of their self-created karmas (Coronavirus, a glaring example), but I hadn’t thought I’d come across someone this soon; not that I am not happy,he-he, far from it! I’m elated! Blessings!

And why does it gladden my heart to have got to know about you?

Because you speak the language I’ve always spoken, and you voice the notions I’ve firmly stood by from a little over the past four decades of my existence in this body, albeit notions I’m afraid the majority across the globe doesn’t yet see eye-to-eye, hence time-to-time karmic reimbursements unto humanity via Mother Nature’s unique ways of bringing back balance to the disturbance her beloved children have brought about!

You speak the language of the elements governing the world which come together to make us who we are.

You, Abhigya, your sister, Abhidheya, and your pious, blessed parents are among those chosen by the formless, gender-less Alpha-Energy the world calls God, to incarnate here during times as these, to “majorly” stand as examples to the lesser karmically endowed, the aggregate, and then to work out whatever little that remains of your past gives-and-takes with Mother Earth, including some among her children, to finally happily fly away to embrace eternity after the game of life gets over.

Yes, I regard this to be your final bouts here,much as I regard ours. For we, a family of four, like yours, are here on planet Earth to do the same, I trust. Our children, aged 15 & 12, have followed home-schooling like you, and the family treads on the only path laid down by every wise elder to have set foot on Earth; the path of Sanatana Dharma, the path of Ahimsa, or the path of harmony.

So, who am I, and why am I writing to you?

I, as referred to the body I inhabit, am a cancer doctor attached to the Health Ministry, and handle a team of 172 doctors working for the cause of tribal cancer patients across the country. Our patients are jungle dwellers categorized by the Govt as endangered tribals, or‘adivasis’, who apply to the Ministry for aid in their treatment.

In suggesting health protocols to patients over the decades, which comprised holistic blends of potent vegetable, fruit, and herb concentrates,nutraceutical/liposomal factors, and a sattvic diet & a lifestyle to match, I learned the effects of the use of the right percentages of ‘key nutritive components’ that, if ingested in specified doses every day, brought about fastest healing on a cellular level; ailment, regardless.

How? The intake of the above boosts the body’s immunity to its maximum while ensuring it stays so until a person stops taking them.

And when healthy people routinely take the fountain of youth combo, it makes them super-healthy and keeps them so until their final breaths, to experience vitality and youth as experienced during one’s prime years.

These nutritive components exhibit volatile anti-oxidative properties, key to battling any state of ill-health. Over time, they eliminate pathogenic activity from the body, to restore and maintain best cellular health.They reverse ageing at a cellular level by reinstating healthy cell memory. How?By filling our depleted cells, which undergo the process of oxidation, 24/7,with the said nutritive components that fight the said process. They correct hormonal imbalances. They assist the body to do what it is genetically programmed to–heal itself and keep fit.

The Ministry of AYUSH, from the time it came into being in 2014, has proved to be a boon to the underprivileged in our country who suffer from cancer. We treat thousands of patients by putting them on health protocols conforming to the above, the icing on the cake being the Govt today backing our lines of treatment based on Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani, and Alternative‘Nature Cure’ Therapies in the place of conventional Allopathy, radiation, and chemotherapy. And the Govt forwards a 90% subsidy to enlisted patients.

Well, you can imagine the load my nature of job thrusts on me. I stay tied to my doctors from morning to night; off-late on Skype and mails, owing to the ongoing lock-down times.

Abhigya, I reckon it is about time like-minded souls joined hands in getting the message of oneness & unity, the message that proclaims harmony and nonviolence as the cornerstones to life on planet Earth, to billions of our gullible neither-here-nor-there sisters and brothers spread all over, the ones with no solid foundation to their conditioned minds! That said, let me add; I believe it is no fault of theirs when one looks at it from a bird’s-eye perspective.

For, what do they, the eschewers that comprise the majority of today's conditioned masses, know about the acts they’ve taken active parts in, in their previous incarnations, which have instilled unique tendencies, or vasanas, that now make them do the things they do, be it deeds guaranteeing their return here after their present lifespans get over, to only reap the, err, rewards of their ongoing actions?

And those that know the truth must take it upon themselves to make the rest know the truth.

Coming to your YouTube Videos. Kudos! Your video uploads on the astrological predictions you’ve made concerning the effects of Coronavirus over India, and the world, are straight to the point.

When one considers the ramifications of the collective Karmas or deeds of humans which will underline the future course of planet Earth, one stares point blank at the scary truth. Your predictions are pleasing to hear when pit against the several commercial other astrology-based videos.

The Karma angle you bring in is vital. And this makes me touch base today.

Below are a few articles I have written as and when I’ve been able to squeeze out the time, if only to bring out the message;albeit not too savory, for that’s how beloved humans commonly react to such stuff; aimed at setting our not yet awakened sisters and brothers on track to evolution, to free themselves from the repeated punishments they’re inflicting upon themselves, thus humanity at large!

And I bear immense joy in saying my notions that drive my write-ups chime in harmony with those of yours which draw you to over-and-again touch upon the word Karma in your videos.

I deem it is time to get the word out to the masses,to justify our presence here to Mother Earth now, and I reach out to you to read the articles and pass them to as many.

It doesn’t matter who the writer is; I have no cares to make a name for myself, for I know I shall, like it or not, stay nameless forever. And this isn’t my actuality alone but those of all beings in creation, I believe.

For I, as much as the rest of us, am nothing but a minuscule part of ‘that’ which has created the caboodle and presents itself as the central part of the game going on all over by living inside each, as each,despite being the maker! Could anything under the sun get any grander? :)






Manava Seva Madhava Seva.

Bharathraj Iyengar, NMD (Email: [email protected] Mobile: 0 82912 37621)