1st Open Letter to the Bishop of Winchester

Subject: 1st Open Letter to the Bishop of Winchester
From: HG
Date: 19 Feb 2015

Bishop Tim Dakin
Wolvsley Palace
SO23 9ND


Formal legal letter:

Dear Bishop Tim Dakin,

This is a formal legal letter, to warn you that due to the failure of Hampshire Constabulary to effectively warn you against harassing me and due to your continued harassment of me, you are to desist from harassing me, as are your clergy and staff and anyone associated with you or I will make a public legal effort to have you restrained.

You had no right to have me traced and violated in March by the same police who your safeguarding officer previously used to have me brutalized and detained for 24 hours, claiming I was insane on 14/02/2011 as I responded to her and Bishop Scott-Joynts endless violations of my privacy and human rights in Winchester.
You forced yourself into my life with humiliating and horrifying press releases which severely embarrassed and shamed me in my community and lost me friends and humiliated and isolated and shocked me, those press releases contained theoretical ‘apologies’ which were no more than PR stunts and were never backed up by genuine personal apologies and there was never any intention of doing so.

Instead you threatened me with a court order that I knew nothing about in reply to me contacting you and begging and begging for you not to do a repeat of the harassment and violation of my life by Jane Fisher and Michael Scott-Joynt that occurred in 2011 which led to them having me repeatedly brutalized by police and locked up, again I have never recovered. I had no knowledge of a court order, but why did you have me traced if I was under a court order, and why did my destroyer, Jane Fisher state to the court in Sussex that she ‘still wanted to help me’, if I was being restrained for responding to her interference? I was left knowing she could go on violating my life and that every time I responded I would be beaten and locked up and no-one would protect me, hence me going on the run and changing my name, and yet you had me traced, violated my privacy and then threatened me when I begged to be left alone! Do you, a Bishop really consider any of this just and fair? I am left as helpless as a child at the hands of a rapist, and that is indeed what this has felt like to me, it is an endless horror from which I am not allowed to escape.

You had the untruthful and defamatory Korris report published internationally and refused to remove it, and allowed your clergy in Jersey to run a smear campaign that has done severe irreparable emotional damage to me.
You refused at any time to do anything about that made it quite clear while threatening me and also allowing this defamatory report and smear campaign that you had no concern for me or my welfare whatsoever and launched on me and wrecked my life for reasons known only to yourself.

You then allowed a conflicted Judge, Dame Heather Steel, to produce an inaccurate and utterly destroying report against me on behalf of my abuser and the Dean of Jersey, who you cleared of misconduct without investigation despite him having commited misconduct.

You have further proceeded to continue to threaten me by emailing me when asked to desist, you have at all times refused to go through Bob Hill who has been representing me as my mediator since April or May, and instead you intimidate and horrify me by emailing me, when, since your threats about a court order in reply to my pleas to you not to violate my life, your emails cause me severe shock and trauma and I do not read them.

You, your staff and your clergy are to refrain from ever making contact with me, and you are to refrain from publishing and circulating untruthful, defamatory and inaccurate reports, all of which, so far, omit my side of things.

I am utterly horrified to hear recently that the Church of England have, behind my back and against my wishes, violated my life and privacy, despite my warnings and pleas in the pretence of care, again. This is to cease from the instant you get this letter, and if I had not have my human rights violated repeatedly from Jersey onwards by Jane Fisher, I would have no police record and no severe psychological scarring from the brutalizations and imprisonments I have endured. You have made my life unlivable and handled me unjustly at all times, there is no excuse for any violation until my story is published and the defamatory and inaccurate reports withdrawn, and even then, help is only ever to be provided with my full consent and knowledge. Jane Fisher’s constant denial of my human rights has left me so deeply scarred that I will never feel safe again.

You do not, logically, carry out three investigations about me that exclude my side of things and humiliate and defame me and then claim any right to yet again violate my privacy and leave me terrified and humiliated and having no choice but to go on the run yet again.
I do not understand your latest stance of using the NSPCC to harass me but there is no possible reason for their involvement as I am neither a child nor a carer for a child.
Your production of the Steel report, when Dame Steel is conflicted and has produced an untruthful defamatory and inaccurate report to protect the Jersey clique has left me severely psychologically injured and with no hope at all for my future. There is only so much a human soul can take, and what you have inflicted on me solidly for eight months on top of what happened previously is more than any human being, let alone a disabled and injured homeless one, can take.

You, Bishop Tim Dakin, your safeguarding officer Jane Fisher, your staff and clergy are to immediately desist from this cruel and vicious onslaught on my life which began in March of this year and has continued without any relief and has left me desparate and deeply deeply depressed and hopeless. You will only ever be My Destroyers, you have never done anything to refute that title.

Among the damages to me in the last eight months alone are:defamation, loss of friends and support, activities, therapy, college, charity events, hope and quality of life, you have left me so desperate and hopeless and demoralized that even my best friends cannot help me and have been very concerned.

I cannot begin to imagine the reason behind your cruel, brutal and hostile onslaught into my life or your repeated production of reports and investigations that omit my side of things, what happened to me and what my true state of health is, instead you have omitted me from all reports and labelled me incorrectly as mentally ill, and have deliberately at all points omitted a complaint against your safeguarding officer, Jane Fisher, who has subjected me to constant severe psychological harm for years.

You are not to publish any further libel or distressing reports against me and you are to withdraw your damaging publications, you are not to threaten, harass or annoy me any further, nor are you to use anyone else or any other agency to harass me or deceive me further.
I have no wish to seek compensation but I will have to seek legal protection, and publicize it if your harassment of me doesn’t cease.
What should stand out glaringly in this is your have run this months-long campaign of hatred, destroyal and defamation against me, but you have consistently protected my abusers and their supporters and allowed them to defame and harm me while retaining a place in the church, while I have been left destitute, slandered, unable to seek help because of the record you have given me, and unable to trust because of the damage and defamation which has destroyed my trust and hope.

This letter is a warning, a legal letter of intent to seek legal protection in the absence of adequate police protection.
This letter is to be retained by all recipients, who are all connected to this case, for their records.